Mechanical Construction Services

Mechanical Construction Services

Silver Tech Solutions (STS) is specialized in piping and mechanical works, including prefabrication and on-site construction. Our offering includes piping maintenance and various installations with CS, stainless steel, aluminum, GRE, monel, and other materials. STS complies with local legislation and additional customer-specific requirements. In our work, we adhere to applicable norms such as API, ASME, DIN, EN, and the local requirements of KOC, KNPC, MEW, and the like companies in Kuwait.

STS constructs complete piping systems throughout all industrial sectors in Kuwait, using all sorts of materials (such as steel, stainless steel, and plastic) for all sizes and dimensions of sites/installations/systems, for all pressures and temperatures processes, for every layout, position, height, and depth, complying with all standards, regulations, and rules, in large or small scale plants.

Our dedicated teams have profound knowledge of the industrial environments, from petrochemicals and refineries, over iron and steel, cement and glass, to power. Their know-how in welding techniques guarantees high levels of performance and safety.

We offer the Services below

  • Piping Prefabrication
  • Piping Site installation & Hydrotesting
  • Coating & Wrapping Services
  • Structural Prefabrication
  • Structural Installation
  • Site installation of Plant Equipment’s & Vessels
  • Installation of Pumps
  • Installation of Compressors
Mechanical Construction