Electrical Design

Electrical Design

STS has assembled a team of electrical engineers that excel in the rapid development of electrical design deliverables for the industrial sector.

The engineers at STS use industry-standard practices and a suite of computer-aided design tools to quickly translate client requirements into practical & safe designs that can be used in the real world. We have long standing relationships with vendors and industry partners to ensure development and turn-around.

STS electrical design engineers are experienced in electrical installations in power plants, chemical plants, oil/gas refineries, and oil/gas field production facilities. We develop distribution maps, electrical one-lines, and field audits to ensure compliance with company, local and national codes. STS electrical design capabilities

include the specification, design, and installation of substations, switchgear, power distributions, large induction and synchronous motors, power protection systems, cathodic protection systems, earthing systems and protection, lighting protection systems, lighting

systems including standby and emergency systems, UPS systems and standby generation, battery systems, and chargers. We conduct plant/oilfield power system studies utilizing the latest software platform. Whether the development involves a green-field site or an

addition to an existing facility, we have the engineering capability to provide electrical design services.

Our software capabilities include designs in the following:

  • AutoCAD
  • ETAP
electrical design